Why Pontus Vision

PontusVision Thread Manager reduces the time to improve system performance from weeks of experiments to seconds of simulations.  Traditionally, thread management is done empirically, with engineers looking at the system behavior, and systematically changing the thread allocations.  Because of the large number of permutations in a system, this usually takes several weeks of testing.  The pricing application tested in our case study had 12 software components, around 200 threads, and 64 logical cores (or more accurately, 32 cores with 2 hyper threads each).

More solutions than the total number of atoms in the universe

At approximately 64 to the 200th power (number of cores to the power of threads), there are more solutions to this problem than the total number of atoms in the universe.


Obviously, engineers never exhaustively try every single permutation, but even with educated guesses, empirically tuning a system usually takes several weeks, if not months of testing.  What is worse is that any changes in the applications or environments can render the thread management strategy useless.  This means that the thread management strategy has to be continually updated after every change in the environment.  PontusVision not only came up with the strategies quickly, but it also provided all the controls to ensure that it was accurately executed, and that every change to the environment was traceable.

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