At Pontus Networks, we can provide you with a number of client services to ensure you get the best out of your environment.  Our services focus on low-latency environments in financial institutions.

In order to maximise efficiency we can help our customers with the following:

Bespoke Development

We have extensive experience writing feed handlers, gateways and adapters (in C, C++, and Java) for various asset classes using the following high-performance middleware products: Informatica/ 29West Ultra Messaging, Solace, TibRV, FTL.


We offer training modules that teach Informatica/29West Ultra Messaging semantics to architects, developers and support personnel.


We analyse the infrastructure plus the middleware environment and report on architectural performance and operational issues.

Standard Deployment Build on Solaris & Linux

We provide ready-made packages (e.g. RPM files) that automate sysadmin tasks when creating new environments.  These tasks are usually neglected, and seldomly scripted, causing days or weeks of delay when provisioning new servers.

Quality Assurance

We provide an automated test harnesses and manage vendor’s fixes.

Low Latency Middleware Strategy

We provide and Industry analysis of all the main middleware vendors and create a 1, 3 & 5 year strategy tailored to your business needs.

User Interface Development

We can provide user interface development on the following:




Swing, Java FX, Adobe Air


Adobe Flash, Flex, Java Script, HTML5, Blaze data services integration


IOS, Android, Kindle, Nook

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